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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Literary Criticism, the Well-Lived Life and Angel Tree Toppers

Literary Criticism is influential in our lives whether we like it or not. Everything we do, see or experience we judge or criticize. This may apply to something literary or something else entirely. In this way Reader Response is the ultimate criticism in that we as the audience interpret the text and that everything including the author can be read as a text. Regardless of what the feminists, deconstructionists, formalists, structuralists or post colonialists have to say they still must go through the process of Reader Response to form their criticisms. How else would they become critics?
This paragraph is my Introduction to my Term Paper, "Literary Criticism and the Well-Lived Life. As you can guess, my paper covers the idea that everybody is a critic regardless if we mean to or not. The first point I made in my paper was my opinion on Angel Tree Toppers. I discussed in class how I believed Angel Tree Toppers were better because they could be decorated in any color to match any decor. Yet I also pointed out that after Santa we needed a prominent female figure for the Christmas tree. Using this I argued that this may be my opinion because I'm a woman or it may be because I have studied feminist criticism this semester in this class and am now utilizing it no matter where I go. Yet I pointed out that even after all of this, I'm still using Reader Response as my ultimate device of criticism.
My paper goes in the fact that anybody and everybody can be a critic, but anybody and everybody can also be a writer. Everybody should just keep in mind that we all have our opinions and in writing and critiquing and that we should not be afraid of anyone else's ideas. In this way we can all live a Well-Lived Life. Especially if we decorate our Christmas trees with Angel Tree Toppers.


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