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Thursday, December 09, 2004

"Our Play" as Presented by Group Two

This play was inspired by our four themes given to us at the beginning of the semster: Drama, Author, Feminism and Medeval Theory.
3 Actors sitting in front of a table.
Author follows Director in.

Author: "You can't interpret my play like that! It wasn't written that way! This is an outrage, an intentional fallacy I say!"
Director: "That is your problem! You only wrote it down! I am the interpreter! I am the director! I am the Dramatist! I think outside of the box!"
Author: "Well! You should interpret the drama correctly! You're making my play sound absurd rather than the serious myster it ought to be!"
Director: I've interpreted your play using Archetypes, yes! Full of archetypes your writings are, all writing is, just watch the wonderful actors I've picked out! Great dramatists! You! (Pointing to the first actor sitting). Improvise, on...oh, I don't know...Feminism! Improvise on Feminism!
Actor One: "We women need and value rights! Throughout history we have been denied the same rights as men, only until recently have we had similar privileges! Look at the classrooms today! Women are being educated like men! Some of us have loosened our straight jackets and have written personal, feminine-inspired narratives! We even have theories on the "male gaze" and how it affects audiences! The feminist movement has advanced incredibly and has increased our awareness of women in society!"
Author: "WHAT! What does feminism and its movement have anything to do with my play! My play is a mystery! the play I WROTE is a mystery!"
Director: "You, you, you! Its all about you and your intentional meaning of the play! I had the actor act out feminism to show you what talent I have here!"
Author: "Precisely! ACTOR! A male acting as a female feminist to prove to me that you have talent here to act out my play! How about a little mystery here? THAT is what my play is about!"
Director: "You don't find feminism a little mysterious? Besides, only in error is there truth!"
Author: "W-w-what? NO!"
Director: "Fine! Maybe you'll find this a little mysterious! You! (pointing to the 2nd actor) Improvise on Medieval Theory!"
Author: "WHAT! are you on something, drugs perhaps?"
Director: "Wait...this should be interesting."
Actor Two: "Our faith and reverence should be to God! All of our writings and paintings should be about God! Chivalry? Did you mean chivalry? All acts of chivalry are made in God's name! Think of the quest for the Holy Grail! Monty Python said it best when God spoke from the Heavens and yelled, 'Arthur! King of the Britons!' and sent him on a quest, a chivalric quest for the most Holy Grail!"
Author: "And that, has WHAT exactly to do with my play?"
Director: "There is no medieval theory in you play?"
Author: "Have you even read the play?"
Director: "Well, yes, at the bar...the other evening...where I met you!"
Author: "For your clarification, medieval theory is NOT found in my play, and medieval theory is even further from feminism! What on EARTH are you trying to prove to me!"
Director: "Medieval theory and feminism are related, and so I give my actors true freedom! And in so doing, they have the ability and freedom to invent themselves! As modern women in patriarchal times. It will be a blockbuster of a play! Let us prove it to you! You! (pointing to the 3rd actor) Improvise on feminism IN medieval theory!"
Actor Three: "But...Director..."
Author: "Good Grief. Not even your actors know what you are trying to do."
Director: "Wait, she just needs to compose herself. It takes a little time to re-invent the gender image."
Actor Three: "There weren't any feminists in the medieval age. We weren't allowed! Women were expected to be subordinate to men as ordained by God! The most mention of women in stories and histories are of damsels in distress! Surely you wouldn't find feminism in medieval theory! As for you two, (pointing at the Director and Author) you need to figure out the roles of Dramatist and Author!"
Author: "Oh! All right! You and your "intertextuality" as a dramatic Director may interpret my writing, but for my sake, please, read the TEXT of my play carefully!"
Director: "I think you are experiencing anxiety of authorship."
Author: "Out! Get out! And don't come back until you can read my play with "play" reading eyes."
Actor One: "May I suggest a pharmoacon? It really helps me get to sleep at night."
Author: "No!"
Actor Two: "Oh, this is such bad 'aura'! I can't work under these conditions! I'm going home to meditate existentially on my meaningless existence."
Author: "My play is tattered to shreds by inaccurate interpretation, the actors are "free to invent themselves" whatever that means. The director is a Loon! My carreer is over!"
Long sigh.
Everyone stands and watches as the Author slumps down into a near by chair, depressed. Lights fade.


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